Listen to Translation, 2014 (shortlisted proposal).

This is a site-specific sound piece in which I use rhythmic breathing to replicate the dots and dashes of international morse code.

A single word is repeated – translation – meaning both a change of form or state and the ability to traverse languages and space. The word translation, itself translated into the dots and dashes of morse code, emerges as a rhythmic sequence of breaths, deep and slow, short and quick.

Amplified, the different breaths ebb and flow, resonating within the tower. Working together, they coalesce to form an immersive and shifting soundscape. Liberated from the body, they are free to enter their own dialogue with the physical space.

While each breath carries no visual reference to its source, within the tower the entire visual field, with its vertical expanse of poured concrete and shaft of light from the vent high above, is rich in the symbolism of modernity and traditional industry. This space alludes to the chimneys of power and production, to pistons and locomotion and to the percussive sounds of gases pumping and steam venting – to the inhalations and exhalations of industry.

In establishing a dialogue with the physicality of the new building for which it is proposed, this sound piece engages with the ideas inherent in its original concept and design. With the breath, it recognises the role of effort in all human ingenuity and creativity, and power of connectivity and communication.