IMG_2056I’ve begun preparations for Trace, 2015 – a new, part-improvised, group-vocal acoustic performance work that I’m creating within and in response to the vast, neo-classical ‘Adam Dome’ of H.M. General Register House.

The idea for the work emerges from the experimental vocal process I’ve been developing of ‘opening up’ and ‘re-articulating’ relationships with space and place in the immediate and intimate moment that each work is made. I’d been thinking about potential spaces in Edinburgh, and took the Edinburgh Art Festival’s open call for participants as an opportunity to put forward   the 250 year old dome of HM General Register House in central Edinburgh as an unusual, one-off venue. This was also the catalyst I needed to bring together a set  of vocalists with whom I could collaborate specifically to develop the work.

The place, that is both the inspiration and the location of this site-specific work, is Scotland’s purpose-built, working archive of personal history. The repository of Scotland’s registers of births, marriages and deaths. It is where the forgotten and the lost may be remembered and found – the place where hope there is some trace of ourselves – where we came from and who we might be.

This will be a 20 minute durational performance that evolves moment-by-moment through a dynamic interchange between the vocalists and the acoustic dynamics of the space, and people who are present. Importantly. there will be no special seating for the  performance. The audience will be able to move and experience the shifting quality of the sound from different positions within the room, with their movement, in turn, influencing the performance of the vocalists and the acoustics of the room.