Casting in Retrograde – a diptych, 2014

(view and hear documentation of the installation.)

This new work, which links the immense sculpture court of the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) with its comparatively diminutive casting room through sound,  incorporates an installation with pre-recorded audio and a live performance of the recorded work.

The audio is based on the excerpt from Henry Purcell’s Dido’s Lament (see previous post) which I have scored and sung in reverse as a short solo and as a six-part canon with a choir. I performed and recorded these within the  vast and beautifully resonant sculpture court of ECA in order to transpose the recording into the casting room as the central part of an installation.


The second part of this diptych, the live performance of the vocal score within the sculpture court of ECA, took place at the degree show opening on 22nd May, 2014).

You can hear an excerpt from the live performance here.




This work incorporated a cast from the College of Art’s cast collection. For more on this see: Edinburgh Universities Art and Archive Collections (blog)