Detail of artist’s own cast work ‘Held’ 2013

All recorded sound, as it is played back, is the realisation of a copy. To take the metaphor of casting, the recording is the mould through which the copy of the original is produced. That makes the original the sound that was made ‘live’ in the first instance.

The value of a cast depends on the quality of the mould, the number of issues made and on the perceived qualities of its original master. So too the value of a reproduced sound.

But, a cast is never its master, only an approximate facsimile at a moment in time after which both cast and master travel along different paths to  different destinations.  It may become the master of another cast, not the duplicate of the original master but a flawed facsimile twice removed – the replica of a replica – the print of a negative taken from a print – a diminishing echo.

The casting stops and the room is silent, when the value of the original has lost its meaning.